Markus Brauer

Position title: Executive Director, Institute for Diversity Science


Website: Brauer Lab Website

Phone: (608) 890-3313

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Dr. Markus Brauer is the Executive Director of the Institute for Diversity Science, and a professor in the Department of Psychology, with secondary appointments in the Wisconsin School of Business and the School of Medicine and Public Health (all UW-Madison).

As a social psychologist, Dr. Brauer conducts basic and applied research aimed at changing behavior in various domains, including diversity, sustainability, health, civil behaviors, or productive workplace behaviors. He is an expert on climate surveys, institutional culture change, and effective methods to diversify the scientific workforce. He is also a member of the Wisconsin Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (WiscAMP) leadership team, where he directs a research program aimed at reducing achievement gaps in STEM courses.

Over the past few years, Dr. Brauer has used his expertise and experience to assist the National Institute of Health’s efforts to ensure greater diversity and representation in science. This involvement included membership on the “Advisory Committee to the Director – Working Group on Diversity”, and the “Bias Awareness Working Group”, helping to reduce bias in the peer review process. He recently received the Jenessa Shapiro Award for Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in recognition of his efforts.