Jirs Meuris

Position title: Assistant Professor, Management and Human Resources Department, UW–Madison

Email: meuris@wisc.edu

Website: Jirs Meuris's website

Jirs Meuris is an Assistant Professor in the Management and Human Resources Department at the University of Wisconsin–Madison with a courtesy appointment in Sociology. His work sits at the intersection of behavioral science, human resource management, and public policy and explores the role of work and organizations in the emergence, persistence, and ending of demographic and economic inequalities.

Research areas

Workplace diversity, inequality, workforce diversity initiatives

Selected publications

Bredehorst, J., Krautter, K., Meuris, J., and Jachimowicz, J. 2023. The challenge of maintaining passion for work over time: A dynamic perspective on passion and emotional exhaustion. Organization Science.

Meuris, J. and Gladstone, J. 2023. Contextual inequality in the performance costs of financial precarity. Journal of Management. (Special Issue on Invisible Inequality)

Meuris, J. and Elias, A. 2023. Task interdependence and the gender wage gap: The role of the gender composition of an occupation. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 44(4): 606-620.

Meuris, J. 2023. Can racial diversity attenuate racial discrimination in service interactions? Evidence from cite-and-release decisions in police departments. Organization Science, 34(1): 197-222.

Meuris, J. and Leana, C. 2018. The price of financial precarity: Organizational costs of employees’ financial concerns. Organization Science, 29(3): 398-417.