Webinar: Equity Issues around Disability and Aging

Description: Adults enter their later years with a wide range of different care needs, challenges, and resources available to them. In the U.S. aging population, there is evidence of significant overlaps between social disparities—including race, ethnicity, and economic status—and health disparities that include disability and neurodiversity.

In this webinar, held on April 4, 2024, we heard from Lauren Bishop about her research on aging adults with autism, Judy Goldberg Dey about diversity in caregiving needs and networks, and Gina Green-Harris about her work with the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute and the importance of community engagement when working with aging and disabled adults.




Lauren Bishop Associate Professor of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Madison; IDS Affiliate

Judy Goldberg Dey Economist, Office of Behavioral Health, Disability, and Aging Policy, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation

Gina Green-Harris Director, Center for Community Engagement and Health Partnerships (CCEAHP), University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health